Old Dominion University’s Center for Bioelectronics inducted its third cohort of Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) scholars as well four G-RISE affiliates during its recent research retreat.

G-RISE计划旨在通过吸引少数族裔学生来增加生物医学研究人员的多样性, military, socioeconomically disadvantaged and disability groups to the field.

The program is funded by a $1.美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)的国家普通医学科学研究所(NIGMS)向首席研究员Gymama Slaughter提供了600万美元的可再生赠款, executive director of the Center for Bioelectronics, and co-PI Alvin Holder, 化学副教授,ODU科研事业最大化项目(MARC)主任.

The award also comes with a $1.1 million institutional match from ODU.

This year’s seven scholars are:

Kevin Garner, computer science

Garner holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from ODU. His doctoral research focuses on parallel mesh generation, 适用于航空航天工程和医学图像计算环境中的计算流体动力学模拟. Garner, who grew up in Virginia Beach and has volunteered at Vineyard Community Church, is also a Southern Regional Education Board State Doctoral Scholar, 他是弗吉尼亚空间资助联盟研究生奖学金的获得者,并获得了ODU计算机科学杰出研究生研究员奖.

Quentin Richards, biomedical engineering

Richards earned a B.S. 将于2023年春季从马里兰大学巴尔的摩县分校获得计算机科学学位, where he was a Meyerhoff Scholar, a program that provides financial assistance, mentoring, 为致力于获得博士学位的非裔美国男性本科生提供咨询和研究经验.D. degrees in math, science and engineering. In the G-RISE program, he will pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, focusing on the use of intelligent biosensor technology.

Taylor Patrick, electrical and computer engineering

Patrick studied computer engineering at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, 在那里,他也是Meyerhoff和MARC U*Star(最大化获得研究职业-本科生学术研究培训). With the G-RISE program, 他的研究目标是整合和开发廉价的传感设备和算法,为即时诊断提供精确和廉价的解决方案,旨在减少诊断时间和不准确性,并带来更好的治疗选择和健康结果.

Brent Lake, biomedical sciences

Lake enrolled at the University of Montana after graduating from high school in Spokane, Washington in 2006. After a few years, he dropped out and began working with disabled individuals, 他说他在哪里培养了帮助他人和学习人类生物学的热情. “在我患了一期肾细胞癌后,这种兴趣增加了十倍,”他说. 退学八年后,他回到了蒙大拿大学,并获得了生物学学位. He went on to earn a master’s degree in biology from Elizabeth City State University, where he “developed an interest in research by participating in COVID-19 surveillance, lung cancer research and mentoring undergraduate students.”

Zuri Jules-Culver, biomedical sciences

Jules-Culver is an ODU alum, having earned a B.S. in biology in 2020. 她是ODU第一批从Monarchs-MARC U*STAR项目毕业的成员. “I am extremely grateful to be accepted into the G-RISE Program at ODU,” she said. “This program is such an honor and will allow me to discover more about myself, as well as dive deeper into research.”

Rebecca Richardson, chemistry

Richardson正在研究par4肿瘤抑制蛋白在神经退行性疾病中的潜在病理作用. She has served as a teaching assistant for general chemistry labs, 诺福克州立大学的兼职化学教授和潮水社区学院的补充讲师. 十多年来,她还为高中生和大学生提供私人和志愿辅导. ​She earned an Associate of Science degree from Tidewater Community College, 在Bluefield College获得生物学学士学位(辅修化学),在ODU获得化学硕士学位. 她关于银纳米颗粒对结肠肿瘤细胞的细胞毒性和治疗作用的研究在2019年美国化学学会全国会议上发表 & Expo, as well as seminars for Bluefield College and ODU. Among her numerous awards and distinctions are the Marvin G. Williams Outstanding Graduate in Biology, 潮水社区学院学术优秀奖和Phi Theta Kappa国际荣誉协会. ​In 2014, she co-founded the Fight Hunger, “喂饱希望”计划旨在帮助汉普顿路及周边地区因食品不安全而苦苦挣扎的家庭. She has volunteered with the Kempsville Presbyterian Church’s Clothing Ministry; Operation Inasmuch (OIAM), an annual Portsmouth Baptist Association-sponsored community outreach initiative; local food banks; community gardens; and the Portsmouth Humane Society. ​

Zaria Booth, mechanical engineering (starts in January)

Booth在ODU获得了机械工程学士学位,目前正在攻读博士学位.D.  我的本科研究和我的毕业项目在打开我的眼界,让我看到研究生院可以呈现给我的可能性方面发挥了巨大的作用,” Booth said. “I am beyond excited to continue my studies and pursue my Ph.D. now that I am in graduate school, and with assistance through the G-RISE program I can better my learning and myself.她补充说,她的目标之一是“保护社区免受潜在伤害,并提出能够满足消费者需求的想法。.”

The four affiliates, 谁参加NIH G-RISE专业和职业发展规划,并通过ODU的教学和研究助理的支持, are:

Reagan Aviha, electrical and computer engineering

Aviha持有肯尼亚内罗毕大学物理和数学学士学位,以及诺福克州立大学电子工程硕士学位. Aviha was hired as an intern at Micron Technology Inc. in the summer of 2022, serving as project engineer. Aviha plans to focus on biosensor technology.​

Alexander Hunt, biomedical engineering

Hunt, a Norfolk native, graduated from ODU with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. 他的研究包括开发一种电化学生物传感器,用于前列腺癌的早期检测和监测. Last year, he was one of eight G-RISE scholars who traveled to South Africa for a conference.​​

Megha Shinde, biomedical engineering

Shinde, who earned degrees in electronics, telecommunications engineering and psychology in India, is focusing her research on electrochemical biosensors and machine learning, which bridge the gap between technology and medical sciences. “为他人服务的理念极大地影响了我的个人生活和职业生涯,”她说.

Amit Sarode, electrical and computer engineering

Amit Sarode于2022年秋季加入生物电子学中心,担任研究助理. 他持有Savitribai Phule Pune University的电子和电信学士学位,并在印度那格浦尔的G H Raisoni工程学院攻读硕士学位. Sarode’s research focuses on self-powered biofuel cells for sensors.

Pictured above, back row, from left: Amit Sarode, Chris Animashaun, Erem Ujah, Alex Hunt, Marcus Easterling, Brent Lake and Quentin Richards. Front row, from left: Zuri Jules-Culver, Layla Rashad, Dr. Barbara Hargrave, Megha Shinde, Dr. Gymama Slaughter, Kevin Garner, Brain Hanson, Jr., Shaina Sanderson, Rebecca Richardson and Taylor Patrick.